What To Do With Leftover Plastic Eggs

Okay. I have a confession to make.

I love holidays. Like, really love holidays. And Easter is my second favorite.

And I have a terrible habit of over buying things when it comes to celebrating.

So, of course, I always end up with way too many of those little plastic Easter eggs, and I never know what to do with them after Peter Cottontail stops by our house.

Yay! We’ve found the eggs, stuck the stickers, and eaten the treats.

Now what?

We could throw them away, but that feels wasteful. 


Here are a few super simple, easy-to-create ideas to use so you can recycle those eggs.


Do you do anything with your leftover eggs?



Reading and Letter Recognition

Pick a word your preschooler is working on – we chose his name. One side of the egg has capital letters, and the other side has lowercase. 

Counting and Matching

Ez loves this one (in fact, he’s sitting next to me and playing with them right now!) This one is pretty straight forward – count the dots and match the number! 

Motor Skills

Plastic eggs make a good addition to your Play-Doh tool box, adding an element to those fun creations! Check out the camel Ez made!

Bits and Pieces (Being Positive Amid a Pandemic)

There’s a feeling of stillness and silence in the air. It’s easy for that stillness and silence to be replaced with fear and panic, but I don’t want that to be the memory that I, or my family, have about this very strange, unprecedented time.

My kids are young; Amelia won’t remember any of this, and Ez will probably only remember bits and pieces, but I don’t want those bits and pieces to be filled with that fear and panic.

I want those bits and pieces to be memories of Mom and Dad slowing down, building forts and watching movies and playing Candyland together. Of baking and playing outside and flying kites. Sliding down slides and swinging on swings in the backyard.

I want those bits and pieces to be what Ez talks about when he’s older. I want “Remember that time?” instead of  “I remember being so scared.”

Because while right now is so unprecedented, it’s still so very important to remember the little ones who don’t really quite understand what’s happening, and the future is still coming.